Community Vow Renewal

From the very start we knew we wanted a real ceremony to be the kick off of our event. We wanted our community to see how beautiful a wedding can be when you strip away all the indulgent details of a wedding and make an evening truly dedicated to love and celebration. 

May 03 inside the lovely venue of Memorial Hall we showcased a Grand Budapest Hotel inspired ceremony design that was 1. Authentic 2. Locally Sourced 3. Affordable. The average wedding in Ohio is $27,000, that's the average! The wedding we curated was a whopping $8,000 and includes invitations, ceremony vignette installation, flowers, day of coordination, rental delivery, day of styling and photography. You tell us where and when you'd like to get married, and we'll be there with your ceremony. You have ONE point of contact for all your wedding needs and that's me, Whitney. 

Enough talking, I want to SHOW you what you and your partner could have with this $8,000 Grand Budapest Installation. 

I'd like to challenge you the same way we challenged our guests during Trishia and Brett's surprise vow renewal ceremony.  If you're a couple-to-be or considering a vow renewal, I challenge you to take these few moment as you glide through these photographs and forget about the worries of planning your wedding or even the stresses of your day. Ground yourself back to what a wedding day is all about. Because right now you don't need to think about laundry, dishes, flowers or invitations; right now you are here, present, having the privilege to peek into the wildly romantic evening our community shared with Brett & Trishia. And evening dedicated to authentic love and celebration. 

$8,000 Grand Budapest Ceremony Installation :
Installation Curator - Iris & Honey
Day of Styling - The Social Collective
Vintage Rental Decor - Queen City Vignette
Flowers - Cocoa & Flora
Invitation Suite - Lauren Hanson Design
Day of Coordination - Blue Dahlia Events

Photography - Olga Polo Photos
Wedding Gown Contribution - LuxeReduxe Bridal - Hayley Paige Gown - Arlo
Groom's Suit Contribution - Geno's Tux Plus
Makeup - BrideFace
Hair - Rachael Rosenberger

How we met: Written by Trishia & Brett
Among thousands of people at a conference in Nashville, TN Brett and I kept running into one another and instantly bonded over our plethora of similarities. Not interested in dating anyone at that time, we both just connected in platonic friendship and that was enough. Our meeting one another was prior to iphones, social media presence, and the memory of meeting was the only visual I had of him. We exchanged emails and then went on our separate ways. Brett journeyed back to Cincinnati, OH where he lived and I traveled back to New Orleans where I was in Grad school. About 9 months after those days of interaction, I endured the impact of Hurricane Katrina. The aftermath of it all was intense and I was displaced. Brett reached out to me during that time to offer emotional and financial support and flew me up to Cincinnati to have a moment of reprieve. We both remember wondering why we had butterflies as we were closer to arrival time at the airport. I remember walking toward him at the arrival gate and vividly still seeing THAT MOMENT at the airport where we both smiled our greatest at one another. It was a movie scene, love at first sight (well 2nd sight) type of moment. Both of our spirits knew almost instantly that we were soul mates and that eternity together was purposed for us.
From there the weeks went quickly and we were engaged one month later and then married four months later. It was the most romantic kind of whirlwind and one that I value is part of our story.
From there I finished up grad school and we accepted a position with a non profit organization that moved us to Kenya, Africa. We had the blessed opportunity to learn from this beautiful community and journeyed our first pregnancy among those roads. Fast forward years later , state side, with three children added to our family, where we co founded a non profit organization here in Cincinnati, oh.
Our lives together thus far has been about investment, intentionality, and living out the calling we feel is set before us.
Celebrating 12 years of marriage together and it was an honor to be part of a vow renewal dream ceremony. Marriage is about battling in the trenches and choosing love in the everyday for one another. It shows refining fire in many seasons and requires steadfastness and patience that love demands. To be able to write our vows from the lived seasons together was an incredible gift. It is a blessing of grace that thru the years, our love has deepened and grown and that thru continents, countries, cities, family growth a fierceness of affection stands as our foundation. To be part of Iris and Honey wedding installation event and to work with Olga was a dream come true and the celebration of our renewed marriage vows is a richness that we will treasure always.

A Wedding Installation :
We will have several sets and designs on hand and available for installation every year. These all inclusive ceremony vignettes are what we display at our curated events, couples-to-be are welcome to see them in person or preview our editorial gallery. You can essentially see, smell and feel exactly what your wedding could look like. It's like a practice wedding, revolutionary! We are able to customize pieces of our designs to fit your love story as well as your style.
It's a beautiful process. 

 A Custom Wedding :
We also create weddings from scratch! Just like any artists commissioned on an installation project; we will first get your wedding budget and then we curate the hell out of every dime. With our connections, team of artists and resources we can do a lot within any budget. We mean, any.
Contact your Iris & Honey Curator today!

Are you interested in being our next couple for our community vow renewal ceremony? Do you want to get the first viewing of our next curated event's design & location? Contact an Iris & Honey Curator today and we will keep you in the loop!